Vehicle and passenger threat mitigation enhancements and systems

In today's world of ever-increasing crime, the targeting of individuals whilst they are in their vehicles is becoming more common place. This can be whilst parked on your drive way, at a traffic light junction or whilst travelling in slow moving traffic. The theft of handbags and other personal valuables can be traumatic for the victim and have long term psychological effects.

Here at Seccaudef we can provide various options off the shelf or bespoke solutions to resolve your specific concern

Seccaudef is a joint venture between two companies, Fleet Service Ltd. (FSL) and Air Sea Land Group Ltd. (ASL), which has its pedigree in the protection of multimillion-pound assets, bullion transport, design and manufacture of specialist ballistic and weapons mitigation products and materials.

What Seccaudef aim to provide is "peace of mind" for you, your employees and your family.

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